Dashu Dist MaMa-Chang:
Dashu Dist MaMa-Chang:
Let people who really want to keep healthy gain health, I feel at ease!
The benefits of mulberry are deeply felt by our whole family. Even in the mulberry recession, we still insist on growing mulberry. Dashu Township has always been famous for its pineapples and jade lotus buds and has high economic value. The elders in the village will ask me in a caring tone. It is said that the economic benefits of mulberry are not enough for wages, so why not plant jade lotus buds instead?
I always answer with a smile. For our family, mulberries are not only economic considerations, but also responsibilities and feelings to the general public. For example, many customers have become good friends because of eating mulberries to gain health. They rely on mulberries to maintain their health. For the better, money cannot be exchanged for this! Our husband and wife firmly believe in sharing the most natural mulberry products with you.
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sweet and sour taste, Black Gem Mulberry

The young fruit gradually turns from green and matures into berry red, purple and black. The fruity appearance is colorful and full of various nutrients. When you think of the sweet and sour taste, you can’t help but make people coveted. Always attract a large number of tourists to come to experience fruit picking.


#SB 尋找在地好味道

#大樹張媽媽休閒農場桑椹 (張坤耀、羅玉梅) | SUPERBUY市集

Nutrient Content
Nutrient Content
Vitamins A
Vitamin A has many functions: it is important for growth and development, maintenance of the immune system and good vision.

Helps maintain vision in the dark.
Vitamins B1
Help maintain normal energy metabolism.
maintain skin,, heart  and nervous system function normally.
Help maintain appetite.
Vitamins B2
Help maintain normal energy metabolism.
Help maintain  the health of the skin.
Vitamins C
Promote the formation of collagen and help wound healing.
Helps maintain the tightness of cell arrangement.
Promote the growth of connective tissue, bones and teeth in the body.
Promote iron absorption.
Has an antioxidant effect.
Contribute to the formation of normal red blood cells.
An important component of heme and myoglobin.
Contribute to the transportation and utilization of oxygen.
Helps the normal development of bones and teeth.
Helps maintain the normal metabolism of carbohydrates.

Contribute to the normal function of the heart, muscles and nerves.
Helps the body's normal metabolism.

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Experience the fun of fruit picking together and feel the true flavor of fresh fruits



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